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Distribution & Energy Innovation Business Group Car-Life Division

We operate Car-Life Stations that contribute to comfortable, by meeting every car-life needs.

The Car-Life Division sells gasoline, kerosene, oil, and other products to approximately 2,000 affiliated Car-Life Stations, making us the No. 1 energy trading company in Japan in terms of scale. We strive to adapt swiftly to changes in increasingly diverse customer needs through a basic approach of transforming ordinary service stations into the Car-Life Station format. We work to enhance station operator earnings and create Car-Life Stations with strong customer appeal by providing a comprehensive range of auto services.

We also aim to make life more convenient for people who don't own cars through services designed from a consumer perspective, notably Itsumo Rent-a-Car, a pre-owned vehicle rent-a-car service that helps to vitalize local communities. In this way, we aim to make everyday life more enjoyable and convenient for car owners and occasional car users alike.

Automobile Energy Sales Business


Automobile Energy Sales Business supplies energy to affiliated Car-Life Stations (CS) across Japan, and improves profitability of CSs and provides strong support for CS management to station operators through ENEX ACT Programs.

Car-Life Support Business


Car-Life Support Business offers comprehensive services associated with cars including the pre-owned vehicle rent-a-car service Itsumo Rent-a-Car and the vehicle trading system Itsumo Car Net.

Car Dealer Business


In May 2014, we made Osaka Car Life Group Co., Ltd., which has subsidiaries including Nissan Osaka Sales Co., Ltd., into an Itochu Enex Group company, and made a full-scale entry into the car dealer business.

Credit Card Service


We offer a variety of credit card systems, notably our flagship Car Enex Itsumo Card, which provides cardholders with a regular discount of ¥2 per liter on purchases of gasoline or diesel.

IT Support


We support CS operators by providing service and management systems that utilize the latest IT technologies and the Internet.

Safety Initiatives


We strive to ensure the safety of customers and protect the surrounding environment through rigorous safety initiatives ranging from day-to-day facilities management to safety instruction.

Please feel free to contact us if you need any further information.

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  1. Home>
  2. Business Operations>
  3. Car-Life Division