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Power & Gas Business Group Power & Utility Division

We operate electric power-related and heat supply businesses that deliver energy efficiency, comfort and economic benefits.

In 2010, Itochu Enex submitted a notice of commencement of a power producer and supplier (PPS) business and launched an electric power retailing business. Since then, we have steadily expanded this business, welcoming to the group ENEX Electric Power Co.,Ltd. which supplies electricity and steam to factories, in 2011, and heat supplier Tokyo Toshi Service Company (TTS) in 2012. In order to contribute to the realization of an energy-efficient and comfortable society, the Itochu Enex Group places a strong emphasis on the development and expansion of this division.

Electric Power Retail Business


Having entered the electric power business as a proposal-making company with a comprehensive range of energy, we work to realize lower electric power costs and stable supplies for customers.

Power Generation Business


Making maximum use of the Itochu Enex Group’s capabilities, we work to strengthen our initiatives in the power generation business, aiming for environmental sustainability as well as economic benefits.

Heat supply-related Business


This business includes heat supply business providing cold and hot water to multiple buildings within an area and the provision of low-CO2, energy-saving thermal storage contract-based services for a low initial cost at the time of installation or renewal of the air conditioning or hot water supply systems of buildings.

Please feel free to contact us if you need any further information.

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  1. Home>
  2. Business Operations>
  3. Power & Utility Division