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Message from the President

We are harnessing the Itochu Enex Group’s capabilities in order to achieve sustainable growth as we pursue opportunities involving the distribution and emergence of new forms of energy.

Kenji Okada, Representative Director, President and CEO

Substantial changes are unfolding with respect to energy on a global scale.

For instance, on the one hand we are faced with the prospect of depleting oil resources coupled with turbulent and erratic energy markets, while at the same time consumers are becoming increasingly aware of environmental issues as their lifestyles become ever more diverse.

As such, inexorable changes are mounting amid a scenario where complicating factors are at play in terms of both supply and demand, as humankind undoubtedly embarks on a path that will give rise to society’s next generation of energy infrastructure which will be capable of delivering on overall needs including and beyond those involving the environment, stability, economic factors, convenience and comfort.

Meanwhile, the roles and responsibilities of the Itochu Enex Group are greatly expanding.

As an energy trading company that is forging a proprietary business model, the Itochu Enex Group acts as a key player in the industry, capable of leveraging its capabilities amid a turbulent business environment, drawing on its extensive track record and know-how combined with its robust sales network.

We are also breaking down existing business frameworks, boldly pursuing transformation and staying one step ahead of the new era as it unfolds, in order to keep achieving sustainable long-term growth going forward.

This will entail creating new business ventures, generating new value and developing a new future ahead as we remain integrally involved in the distribution and emergence of various forms of energy for life and society.

To that end, the Itochu Enex Group has drafted its medium-term business plan “Moving 2016 – Sowing seeds for tomorrow” which is to act as a stepping stone on the path to achieving its future vision.

We are making steady progress according to the plan as a result of our moves to aggressively develop business and boldly implement reorganization, on the basis of our basic policies. Meanwhile, we will do our utmost to attain our full-year targets over this fiscal year, the final year of the business plan.

We will also help contribute to bringing about a more sustainable society in accordance with our social responsibilities as an energy company.

As such, we are developing advanced environmental technologies, promoting environmental activities in a broad array of fields, and extensively fortifying our initiatives geared to meeting expectations held by every one of our stakeholders.

In addition, we will work to enhance our corporate value by redoubling our efforts involving our corporate governance practices, given the importance of ensuring sound and highly transparent management.

Going forward, we would like to ask for your continued understanding and support of the Itochu Enex Group.

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  3. Message from the President