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CSR, Environment, and Social Contribution Activities

To ensure harmonious coexistence with society, we engage in activities to realize a low-carbon society and preserve the natural environment.

Activities Reports

In accordance with the Environmental Policy, formulated to realize harmonious coexistence with the global environment and society, The Itochu Enex Group continuously engages in activities to contribute to the realization of a low-carbon society, reduce the environmental impact of our businesses, and preserve the global environment.

Itochu Enex engages in various environmental preservation activities and social contribution activities in communities nationwide to ensure harmonious coexistence with local communities and society as a whole.

Itochu Enex strives to keep its customers safe and protect local environments through a rigorous safety regime and education program, with the ultimate goal of ensuring that people can use the energy essential for daily life safely and with peace of mind.

Please direct IR-related inquiries to the IR & Public Relations Office.